Your Last First Kiss: Engagement Season and What Comes Next

There have been many studies performed that consistently prove that month of December is the most popular month of the year to get engaged. He has put a ring on it and you have now rung in the New Year. Holidays are over. You are trying to settle back into a normal routine. The reality of the new bling on your finger has finally sunk in. NOW WHAT?!?!?! Conveniently enough, there have also been studies done that show 40% of weddings that take place over the year happen in the months of September, October, and November. That gives you roughly 10 months to plan the wedding of your dream. Let's get started!

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Now obviously not every bride and groom fit into these cookie cutter statistics. Regardless of what time of year you get engaged or married or whether you have a 6 month engagement or a 3 year engagement, there are certain steps you need to follow.

Venue vs Date

There are two types of couples out there. The one that wants that dream come true venue and the one that wants that perfect 1st week of June date. Working in the venue business, I am partial to that "dream come true venue." As a wedding professional, my best advice is to choose which is the most important to you, date or venue. In an attempt to keep your wedding as stress free as possible this is the best choice. You will drive yourself insane trying to find both. I'm not saying it is impossible but in my experience no matter where, when, rain, or shine the day is always perfect when two people start a new life together.

If you so choose that the venue is your priority go into your tours with an open mind. Specialty venues such barn venues often have limited openings due to only having seasonal availability. Be open to the 3rd week of June rather then the 1st. Maybe a fall wedding is m ore your style then a spring wedding. Do not discount the Friday wedding because they are indeed often time discounted. In an attempt to fill more dates, venues often will have a lower rental rate for a Friday wedding. The Friday is more appealing to those who have many out of town guests. It allows for a day of relaxation and recovery for your guest before a day of travel back home.

Venue and Date are Booked

Once these you have your venue and your date everything else starts to fall into place. Now you're onto your vendors. DJ, caterers, florists, bakery, linens, late night apps, dresses, tuxes, ect, so on and so forth. The best advice I can give is to utilize you local bridal shows. All these amazing vendors come together in one place to show you what they have to offer. I encourage everyone to stay local and small. The big city shows can often be crowded and overwhelming some times to much to take in. The smaller shows have vendors that tend to offer better

The Final Stretch

In the last 30 days leading up to your big day trust that your hard work is going to fall into place. Trust that the vendors you choose will do what you hired them to do. Utilize everyone that offers to help and try not to micromanage every detail. Most of all on the day of, utilize venue staff and trust them to be your guide. This may be your 1st wedding but I assure you it is not theirs. They know their venue, they know the best set up, they know how the crowd best flows, and they know the best way to make your day seamless.

Regardless of your date, venue, vendors, or any little hiccup in your day just remember that at the end of it all you will be having your First Kiss with you husband or wife. Your Last First Kiss!

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