What a Stunner! 7 Unique Wedding Venues You Can Find in Illinois

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life so you will want to host it in a memorable venue. The perfect venue is crucial to have the wedding of your dreams.

Going to a wedding is an experience for you and your guests so you will want it to be a good one. Hosting your wedding at a non-traditional wedding venue will give your guests a memorable experience that they will be talking about years to come. 

If you live in Illinois and you're looking for unique wedding venues, then look no further. Keep reading for seven unique wedding venues that you can find in Illinois.

1. College Campus Wedding

If you and your soon to be spouse went to the same college, then getting married at your college campus may be very meaningful to you. College campuses also happen to be very beautiful so this will be an amazing backdrop for your wedding. 

Your photography will have a great time captures moments between the happy couple and incorporating the beautiful buildings and architecture into the shot.  

A college campus will also have guides that can help you through every part of planning your wedding at their facility. This will be a huge help in planning the perfect spots for your wedding. 

2. Fun-Filled Zoo Wedding

Hosting your wedding at the zoo is for a special couple that loves animals. Your guests will love watching you two tie the knot surrounded by unique animals. It will definitely be a night to remember for you and your guests.  

There are many beautiful zoo venues that will make your wedding look amazing. Your photographer will have a lot of fun at your zoo wedding. There will be many photo ops for your guests and beautiful pictures of you as a brand new married couple. 

Cocktails with the animals will be your guests' new favorite type of cocktail hour. They will get to experience the fun sights of animals and have something to talk about during dinner. You will also get a wedding consultant for the zoo wedding of your dreams. 

3. Rent a Private Home for Your Wedding

There are many sites where you can rent a home to vacation in but there are also private properties that you can rent for your wedding. This is a unique venue because few people will be renting this same venue for their wedding. 

A private home is another way to customize your wedding to be the exact way you want it. You will have the ability to pick and choose every element of your wedding from the silverware to the lighting system on the dance floor.  

Be sure to keep in mind that there are many rules when it comes to hosting your wedding at a private home. You will need to be upfront with the owner of your private home so there are no surprises later on. 

4. A Beautiful Barn Wedding

A beautiful barn wedding is perfect for a couple that loves the outdoors and nature. When you have your wedding in a barn, then you have lots of space for personal customization. There are also many options you can utilize if you have your wedding at The Hay Loft.

There are many options when it comes to a barn wedding regarding decor. You can have a luxury wedding or go for a more rustic vibe. Either way, your wedding venue should match your personality so if you're more of the outdoorsy type then you will want to a rustic wedding. 

Having a rustic wedding in a barn leaves your wedding open to many interpretations when it comes to food, decorations, and drinks. There are many different rustic catering trends that have become very popular in 2019. 

5. An Illinois' Backyard

If you or a relative has a great backyard for hosting events, then you'll be in huge luck. Having your wedding in a backyard is unique and can save you a lot of money. 

You can make your backyard wedding as personalized as you want to by picking out each and every element of your wedding. It may also be very beneficial for you to hire a wedding planner if you're looking for a second opinion on how to plan your wedding. 

This is also a great venue if you are looking to have your wedding on a specific date or if you need a quick wedding. Some venues need to be booked months and months in advance. By having your wedding in your backyard you can essentially choose any date that works for you. 

6. Sports Fan Stadium Wedding

If you and your partner are mega sports fans, then you may want to look into getting married at your favorite stadium. Getting married at a stadium is going to be a brand new experience for you and your guests. Your wedding will be as memorable as it is exciting. 

Tying the knot where your favorite team plays may be the best thing that happens to you besides getting married of course. Your photos will also look epic especially during the ceremony. 

7. Exotic Beach Wedding in Illinois

There are many great beach locations that you can host your wedding at as long as you have a permit. Beach weddings are unique and stunning especially when it comes to the photos of the wedding. 

Make sure you inform your guests about the dress code for your beach wedding.  You will want your guests to be comfortable so you may want to provide them with a place to put their shoes as well as beach blankets. 

People Love Unique Wedding Venues 

Unique wedding venues can be anything that your heart desires. Tying the knot with your significant other is a once in a lifetime event and you will want it to be perfect. 

If you're in Illinois and interested in having a barn wedding, then schedule a viewing today at The Hay Loft today!

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