The Best Rustic Wedding Catering Trends of 2019 You'll Tie the Knot To

Over 2 million couples get married every year in the United States. If you’re about to join these ranks, you may be wondering how you can make your special day stand out from the rest.

While there are plenty of ways to personalize your decor, the food is what your guests will really rem

ember. So, why serve them the same old meal they get at every other wedding?

If you’re having a rustic wedding, you can’t go wrong with continuing that theme into your food.

Do you want some inspiration? Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate rustic catering ideas into each part of your special day.

Cocktail Hour Foods

By the time your ceremony is over, your guests will be getting hungry. In order to leave room for your delicious dinner ahead, consider sticking with light hors d’ oeuvres, like the ones we’ve listed below.

Bread Bowls

Vegetable platters are a staple for most cocktail hours. And there’s a good reason why. They offer a wide variety of options for your guests while remaining light and affordable.

To add a rustic touch to this, consider serving your dip in bread bowls. Just make sure to offer bread cubes as well, so guests don’t feel tempted to snack on the bowls themselves.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Shooters

Grilled cheese with tomato soup is one of the ultimate comfort food pairings, making it a great rustic option. You can turn this into classy hors d’ oeuvres by creating grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters.

Simply fill up a shot class with tomato soup and serve it with a small cube of grilled cheese. While you can serve the sandwich on the side, consider placing it on top of the shot glass or even on the edge like a garnish.

Specialty Cocktails

No cocktail hour is complete without, well, cocktails! Many couples opt for a limited beer and wine bar to save money, which can leave some guests wanting more. A great alternative to the open bar is to offer one of the specialty drink options below with your limited bar.

Iced Tea or Lemonade Cocktails

You can’t get much more country and rustic than a nice glass of sweet tea or lemonade. So, why not create a cocktail based on one (or both) of these drinks?

Sangria Bar

Big chunks of fruit can have a rustic appearance all on their own. So, if you want something truly unique, consider having a rustic sangria bar.

You can hold white and red sangria mix in glass drink dispensers. Then, have various fruits set out, so guests can create their very own sangria.


There’s no denying that the food you serve for dinner is one of the most important elements of the entire day. To ensure your guests leave satisfied and impressed, consider one of these rustic dinner options.

BBQ Buffet

Are you having a casual affair in a rustic barn? A BBQ buffet will let your guests indulge in some of their favorite comfort foods.

Instead of having all the meat in chafing dishes, consider using carving stations for a more elegant touch. You can then offer large rolls, so guests have to option of making BBQ sandwiches if they’d like. To make this truly special, consider having a few different BBQ sauce options.

Of course, you’ll also need some sides to go along with your rustic BBQ buffet. Corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread are all great options.

Roasted Meats

If you’d rather have an elegant plated dinner for your wedding, consider offering roasted meats. This will still give your meals a rustic feel without sacrificing formality.

You can also choose traditional comfort side dishes, like mashed potatoes and green beans. This will help to compliment your rustic dinner and will seem more formal when plated instead of served buffet-style.

Edible Flowers

No matter what food you decide to serve, you can always add a natural and rustic touch by using edible flowers. You can choose to include these in your meals or use them as a garnish when plating. Either way, they’re sure to add a unique touch that your guests will love.


Who says you have to stick with a traditional white wedding cake? You can add another rustic touch to your food by opting for one of the dessert ideas below.

Naked Cake

If you’re not a huge fan of sugary icing, having a naked or semi-naked cake could be the perfect compromise. Naked cakes have no icing on the outside while semi-naked cakes have only a thin crumb-coat. You can then use berries, powdered sugar, or flowers as decorations for the perfect rustic cake.

Layered Cake in Mason Jars

There’s no denying that mason jars are the ultimate rustic element. So, why not use them to serve your cake?

You can have a small display cake to cut for pictures, then serve layered cake in mason jars. It’ll give your guests a unique experience, and the mason jars are easy to take home if anyone is too full from dinner to enjoy their cake right away.

Mini Pies

If you want to offer an additional dessert (or skip the cake altogether), consider offering a mini pie bar. You can have various flavors, so guests can choose a few different kinds.

While you can choose whatever flavors you like, you may want to go with the season. Apple, cherry, and pecan are great for fall and winter weddings while key lime, strawberry, and lemon meringue are perfect for spring and summer affairs.

The Top Rustic Wedding Catering Ideas

Don’t settle for food that doesn’t match your theme. Instead, use the guide above to create the perfect rustic wedding catering menu. From bread bowls to mini pies, there are plenty of rustic food options you can use on your special day.

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