What does "Rustic" mean to Us?

The word rustic is defined as...

1. of, relating to, or living in the country as distinguished from towns or cities; rural.

2. simple, artless, or unsophisticated.

3. uncouth, rude, or boorish.

( https://www.dictionary.com/browse/rustic?s=t )

While a rustic wedding is a rapidly growing fad in the wedding industry nobody wants their wedding to be labeled as "unsophisticated" or "boorish." You can enjoy the rustic feel with a touch of class and elegance. That is what we strive for at The Hay Loft.

We know you spend months or even years planning your big day. So, we like to spend the time making our barn show off your hard work. Your barn wedding shouldn't look like they just moved the hay and cows out yesterday. We have spent and do spend countless hours making our barn look like the spectacular piece of architecture that it is. The gorgeous warm, wooden interior, hand-cut stone exterior, and the breathtaking vaulted ceiling deserve the tender love and care that we give them.

Our cleaning and maintenance staff consist of 5 individual that focus and specialize on their assigned portions of the properties. From the bars, to the bathrooms, to the lawn, to the vacuuming, to the table and chair set. There is no crevice left untouched. Pictured below is our maintenance staff sweeping cobwebs and cleaning windows 30 feet in the air. Shortly after, they dusted each and every one of our 300 light bulbs. The care doesn't stop inside the barn. The beauty extends out to our grounds where our plant and flower specialist waters, prunes, and fertilizes our dozens and dozens of flowers and plants DAILY! By displaying all this hard work, we hope to prove to you how hard we will work for you.

We know how the dictionary defines the word "Rustic" but The Hay Loft defines it a little differently....

1. The warm feel of hometown living.

2. The original beauty of country architecture and landscape.

3. Elegance, class, and quality.

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