How to Choose Between Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

Finding your dream venue is one of the most difficult decisions when planning a wedding. After all, it sets the tone for the whole day.

You need to choose the perfect venue that you can afford, is convenient for guests, and is available on your chosen date. It’s a lot of pressure!

If you’re getting married in Milwaukee, there are certainly a lot of wedding venues to choose from, making finding a venue a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you choose between wedding venues in Milwaukee so you can plan the wedding of your dreams!

Know Your Guest List

Before even looking at wedding venues in Milwaukee, you should decide how many guests you’re planning to invite. This can help save you from headaches and heartaches down the road, should you discover that your dream venue can’t accommodate your guest list.

Couples often underestimate how many guests they’ll invite, or the extra family members their parents will want to add! Decide on a figure early on so you know what you’re working with.

Knowing your guest list will also help you determine your budget, as many costs are dependent on the number of guests invited.

Break down Your Budget

When planning your Milwaukee wedding, deciding on a budget early on will impact your choices of wedding venue.

As expected, the price that wedding venues charge differs greatly. You’ll also need to consider other factors such as catering. Many venues will only offer in-house dining and will charge a price-per-person, while others may be more flexible with catering options.

It’s more than just renting space too. Décor and floral design to suit different venues will also drive the cost up. While some venues will include décor, others won’t.

Understand how much your total budget is including how much your décor and design will take to execute will help when choosing a venue.

If you choose a venue first and realize it costs more than you’ve allocated, you’ll either struggle with the rest of your budget or will be left highly disappointed when you can’t afford it and have to look elsewhere.

Pick Your Priorities

Once you have your budget and guest count, here comes the fun part. Picking your priorities!

This is where you can start to envision what your dream venue looks like and what the atmosphere involves.

When you picture your dream wedding in Milwaukee, what do you see?

Are you marrying the love of your life in a flower-filled garden? Are you dancing together beneath glitzy chandeliers in a historic hotel? Or are you saying ‘I do’ in a charming and fairy-tale-like barn?

You might like to see your guests dressed to the nines in fancy floor-length gowns and snazzy suits, or maybe you’d like everyone in relaxed summer dresses and flannel button-ups.

There are many different types of venues in Milwaukee and there’s sure to be one to suit every couple’s style and theme.

Sit down with your partner and decide on the type of atmosphere and vibe you’re looking for from a venue. For example, you may both agree that you’d prefer an outdoor venue that’s conveniently located for friends and family to reach.

Or maybe a venue with a rustic feel is a must-have on your list? The possibilities are endless, and every couple will have different priorities.

Dedicate a Date

Before setting your heart on your dream venue, you’ll need to make sure it’s available for your chosen date or dates. While some couples are flexible on dates, others may have a specific wedding date that works around the couple and their family and friends.

Either way, you’ll need to check that the venue is available for the date or period you’re hoping to get married in. Remember that those very popular venues can get booked up years in advance!

While many couples may figure out their wedding date based on when their ideal venue is available, we recommend picking a couple of dates before starting your official hunt for your dream venue.

Remember that the dates you choose will also determine the atmosphere and vibe of your wedding. Spring and summer weddings suit outdoor spaces well, like a beautiful garden or a rustic barn. Fall and winter weddings call for glamorous indoor spaces like urban clubs and lavish hotels.

So, choosing a garden wedding in December wouldn’t be a very wise idea – you and your guests may catch a cold!

Choosing Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

You’ve found a selection of wedding venues in Milwaukee that you’re interested in. Congratulations!

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of a couple of venues, now it’s time to find out if the venues can accommodate your wedding needs.

Send each wedding venue a message expressing your interest with some important questions. These can include whether the venue is available on your desired date, confirming the capacity for your number of guests, and ensuring they can accommodate your priorities.

You should also ask for a quote to ensure they’re still within budget – some wedding venues often have extra fees!

This initial communication can also give you an idea of how responsive and helpful the staff is, giving you an idea of how well they’d help you run the wedding. Receiving a friendly and reassuring reply within a relatively short time frame is always an encouraging sign.

If you’re seeking a wedding venue in Milwaukee, Illinois and are considering a rustic barn wedding, then you may be interested in visiting us here at The Hay Loft. Schedule a viewing today to see if we work as your dream venue!

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