Going Rustic: The Top Tips for Planning a Rustic Wedding in Illinois

You may have known since you were a little girl that you wanted to have a rustic wedding. You have always loved the look, feel, and ambiance of rustic settings. For your special day, you want to incorporate rustic ambiance with your wedding decor.

We have what you are looking for. What's more, we are the only rustic wedding venue in Watertown, Wisconsin. We serve all the Milwaukee, Racine County, and Northern Illinois population.

Our beautiful barn is the most perfect rustic wedding backdrop there is. Our rustic wedding location is both captivating and romantic. The Hay Loft Barn brings the past alive through the vaulted ceilings of our barn.

When you combine the vaulted barn ceilings with the hand-cut stone exterior you create a perfect and elegant rustic ambiance. We want to give you some of our top tips for planning your rustic wedding in Illinois.

Rustic Decor Top Tips

We believe every rustic location deserves the best in rustic decor. There is no such thing as having too much rustic beauty as a backdrop to exchanging wedding vows.

52% of all weddings today in the United States incorporate a wedding theme into their decor. Rustic wedding decor represents the best of country life and the beauty of the outdoors.

Many times the flowers and any decorations will have a natural and unstructured feel and look to them. Rustic decor blends into the surroundings with peeks of vibrant color or unusual textures.

Many times a bold arrangement of wildflowers adds just the right amount of rustic decor beauty. Rustic weddings appeal to the millennial population. The millennial population are the largest demographic group to want their weddings in a natural, beautiful, and rustic surrounding.

It seems rustic decor, natural beauty, and charming ambiance is the wave of the future for weddings. What could be better than The Hay Loft Barn for rustic beauty? We offer a location which can be decorated with country flair style intermixed with rustic chic.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

15% of all couples getting married in 2017 chose a barn, farm, or ranch for their wedding or reception. 

It seems the traditional wedding reception halls are old news. People getting married today want to pour through rustic wedding ideas and locations because it represents who they are. Rustic weddings are full of flavor and charm. They celebrate natural beauty and unspoiled love.

A rustic wedding during sunset ramp up the percentage of unspoiled beauty by 100. Some rustic wedding ideas and tips in small decor items are;

  • Succulent Plant escort cards

  • A wood carving with the wedding date, wedding couple's name etched into it all 

  • Mason jars with wedding cake favor to take home

  • Mr. and Mrs. canvas board

  • Rustic burlap favor bags

  • Carved wooden crate cake stand

  • Chiffon ceiling draped from high, barn beams

  • Clothespin photo display

  • Rope love sign

Rustic Wedding Top Benefits

This generation of couples getting married may be a bit older or perhaps a bit wiser. They know who they are and what they want. A rustic wedding gives wedding couples and their families the warmth and comfort of family and friends.

Yet it also provides a little bit of nature, a little bit of charm and a little bit of magic. The Hay Loft Barn offers so many options for your special rustic wedding day. We offer rustic weddings surrounded by nature in our outside venue.

We have seating inside for up to 300 guests with tables, chairs and all you need to provide your guests with charming comfort. We have a rustic flair cocktail hour space and all our parking is available on-site.

We are also handicapped accessible. What makes the Hay Loft Barn rustic wedding location one-of-a-kind is our majestic outdoor natural beauty location.

Rustic wedding tips and benefits also provide something we haven't mentioned yet. Rustic weddings provide flexibility. Grooms can wear jeans and cowboy boots or formal attire. 

Photography can be done on-site due to the beauty of natural settings with grassland or endless sky. There are blooming flowers ready to be captured by your wedding photographer in spring and summer.

Fall brings rustic weddings the rich colors of nature as the leaves change color. Winter offers the white stillness of snow.

Rustic Wedding Uniqueness

We have all been to countless weddings and receptions. We have gone to weddings in posh hotels and even a couple destination weddings. But have you ever gone to a wedding where beauty represents love through all the lush and natural richness of nature.

Is there anything better than celebrating your wedding surrounded by the past, present, and future? America has always offered natural beauty and rustic locations to couples getting married.

Many couples have gotten married on family farms surrounded by the beauty of their settings. Barn weddings existed in days gone by for many couples and families.

Today barn weddings are coming into their own for their unique, charming, and rustic ambiance. Weather conditions don't dictate our rustic wedding ceremonies. One of the benefit and tips to getting married in a majestic high beam barn setting is you can say your vows and have your reception anyway inside.

The ultimate tip to give to our readers about planning a rustic wedding is to know you can incorporate formal and informal styles. The magnificent setting of a rustic wedding matches any theme or any decoration.

A rustic wedding can be dressed up and it can be dressed down. Candles and flowers offer charm and beautiful simplicity no matter how informal or formal the wedding.

Planning Your Perfect Rustic Wedding?

There are no two people who ever got married or will ever get married exactly like you and your fiance because every couple brings their own strengths, beauty, and uniqueness to their marriage. 

Rustic weddings are much the same. No two rustic weddings are ever the same. Picking a location as beautiful, strong, and unique as you are is easy to do. You already know where we are located. 

What's more, you now have all the tips and understand why a rustic wedding at Hay Loft Born represents love and marriage past, present, and future.

Reach out to us today and find out how we can help bring your rustic wedding to life. Your future together awaits!

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