8 Spectacular Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas

You've thought about the theme for your special day and you've decided on a barn wedding. A rustic barn wedding is one of the hottest trends right now. It's perfect for the classic cowgirl and cowboy couple, but it's also a great backdrop for your wedding photos. With a barn wedding, it's important to design the space with the right decor to pull off the rustic barn wedding theme. So, how do you decorate? From flowers to fixtures to the barn door, here are the best barn wedding decoration ideas for a truly authentic farm wedding.

1. Elements of Nature

Touches of nature should surround you on your special day from the seating to your wall decor to your lighting and beyond. For the ultimate barn wedding, decorate the space with nature beyond the barn door. Make a trellis out of tree bark and white roses. Then, line the walkway with tree trunks in the design. Make sure to connect the outdoors to the inside space so nature is everywhere.

2. Floral Arrangements

Start with baby's breath. Baby's breath globes give the perfect rustic decor look. You can even make these yourself! Get foam globes and floral wire from an arts and crafts store. Order fresh baby's breath although you can also use silk. Dangle your beautiful baby's breath globes in the ceremony area. Then, put a few throughout the reception space for an elegant rustic look. What would a country wedding be without roses? Roses around a rustic pitcher look beautiful as centerpieces your guests can take home. Of course, you need roses in your bouquet, but you can place them in patina vases to add a little romance.

3. Burlap and Lace

Burlap and lace are two sophisticated barn wedding decoration ideas. You can put them in several places for a chic rustic look. They also make great invitations. Make them part of your chair decor by tying big burlap bows to the seating. Add some rustic chic by making garland from lace and burlap. Get some twine and make strips of lace and burlap. Hang them in a variety of places for your reception and wedding areas. If you don't want to make them yourself, you can order burlap and lace gifts online and they're inexpensive to purchase.  Burlap and lace make other great barn wedding decorations, too. For instance, make a burlap table runner for a charming rustic wedding idea. They're elegant and beautiful for your rustic wedding idea. Will you light a unity candle during your wedding ceremony? Give the occasion a rustic touch with a classic candle holder made out of twine and lace. You can find them in department stores if time is getting short and you don't have the time or interest for a DIY project.

4. Decorating with Twigs 

You can make a variety of decor items out of twigs. Twigs are great to write messages and words like "Love" or "Mr. and Mrs." Use twigs to create banners for different areas, such as the "Reception Area." You can also use twigs to make numbers for the tables. No matter where you place them, twigs will help set the stage.

5. Wooden Flower Box

A wooden flower box is a great decor item for a country wedding idea. Decorate it with flowers on the outside and put items inside the flower box such as cold drinks in the outdoor reception area. It's not only practical, but it also makes a nice rustic statement.

6. Pallet Displays

Pallets will surely provide your wedding space with the look of the country. It's a wonderful idea to make a photo board to place pictures of the bride and groom. Put up photos from different times of the relationship, such as the first date or the day you met. You can find pallets in home improvement stores or even at lumberyards. They're relatively inexpensive, too.

7. Mason Jars

If anything says rustic, it's the mason jar. Mason jars can be used for a variety of rustic decorating ideas. Add burlap and lace and place candles inside them or use them as a vase for the flowers in the reception area. Lace, burlap, and twine display nice table decor that your guests can take home with them after the reception. Mason jars wrapped in twine make the perfect aisle decor. Place flowers in them and decorate the outside of the jar with twine or burlap and lace. You can really do many things with mason jars for a rustic wedding. Get a battery-operated LED light from a home decorating store. Place them randomly from tree branches to light up the area into the evening.

8. Rustic Signs As a Way Finder

If your wedding will be held in a large space, you can make rustic signs for your wedding and hang them or affix them to the trees. This will help your guests find their way around. Cut them in the shape of an arrow and write sayings on them, like restroom, reception area, and dance floor. Are you or the groom handy with a saw? Then he can carve out an arrow out of a piece of wood for a great looking country wedding decoration idea. No matter where you're holding your wedding, this is one of the barn wedding ideas that scream Huckleberry Finn. Plus it will help your guests find their way around!

The Takeaway on Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas

Now you know eight great barn wedding decoration ideas that you can utilize for your big day. It doesn't matter whether you're the bride, groom, or part of the wedding party. These rustic wedding touches will create the perfect country wedding day that you'll remember and photograph to come back to time and time again. Hayloft Barn creates unforgettable wedding experiences in Wisconsin. Get in touch today to plan the ultimate wedding.

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