10 Next-Level Wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Capturing Picture-Perfect Moments

Did you know that $2,400 to $2,630 is the average cost of photography for a wedding?

That's a large chunk of your wedding budget to keep aside for photos. But as you know, images are the memories that are going to always remind you of your special day, can you really put a price on that?

Having said that, you truly only have one shot at creating memorable wedding photos. Make sure you end up with wonderful keepsakes of your big day with these wedding photoshoot ideas.

Before You Arrange Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Time and time again, if you ask a bride what she would change about her wedding photos, she would probably mention that there are certain shots they forgot to take.

So before we launch into your ultimate wedding photoshoot ideas, take note of the following important checklist for your list of images:

  • Images of the bridal and groom parties getting ready, these should include photos of the dress by itself and other detailed elements. Here you should include shots of the table decor before your guests enter as well as the wedding invitations. 

  • During the ceremony, there are irreplaceable images that your photographer should absolutely have on their list: the empty chapel, the bride arriving, the exchange of the rings and the couple's first married kiss. 

  • Portraits and posed photography is one of the most important sets of photos you'll want after your special day, ensure that your photographer has a list of everybody you want to get pictures of. Bride and her father, Aunty Gertrude and her two daughters with the groom, the flower girls with their mothers. 

It's important that your photographer and his second-shooter are very aware of your expectations for the day! So, without further ado, we give you 10 next-level photoshoot ideas for your big day. 

1. Little Details Make For Big Fun 

You've seen those pictures of the groomsmen opening their shirts to reveal their superhero identities? This is the type of thing we're talking about. 

Find something small that your groom can share with his groomsmen, and you can share with the bridal party that you can highlight in a series of photos on your special day. Think funky socks or sneakers under floor-level dresses! Something that shows off your personality. 

2. Go Bird's Eye View 

There's something pretty cool about featuring some top-down images of your special day. This photoshoot theme idea means you could either find a funky staircase or your photographer can bring a ladder. 

Either way, getting some images from a bird's eye view gives you a beautiful perspective with which to look back on! 

3. Include Your Fur Baby 

Many couples in the modern world already have a family, or at least a pet together by the time they get married. A great wedding photoshoot idea is to include your little buddy in some of your shots. 

You could even get him a little bow-tie or top hat to complete the picture! 

4. Simple Silhouettes

There is beauty in even the most simple images, these are the images that capture the emotion of your special day. A really good idea is to capture some images of the bride and the groom getting ready as a silhouette. 

Silhouette images also make for a great photo-pairing opportunity later! 

5. Candid Camera

One idea to include in your wedding photoshoot is to capture those candid moments! Talk to your photographer about focusing on your guests, VIPs and of course the stars of the show in moments where they are not posing and are unaware of the camera. 

Often these moments showcase the rawest of emotions and make for heart-wrenching memories. 

6. Motion Shows Emotion 

Want to really capture the happiness of your wedding day? Incorporating motion-based poses into your wedding photoshoot is a great idea. 

We're talking about husband gives the wife a piggy-back ride, bride pushes groom in a wheelbarrow, you know? These types of shots will allow the people in them to be genuinely smiling and laughing, the type of happiness only a motion-type image could capture!  

7. Embrace the Crazy 

If you and your partner are known to be slightly on the quirky side, for taking silly selfies and always having fun, then your wedding day is the perfect time for you to be truly yourselves! 

Dedicate parts of your wedding photoshoot to pulling funny faces and making each other laugh. 

8. A Photobooth


We know it may seem a bit overdone, but have you considered having a photo booth on your wedding day? You can get quite creative with this idea though, for example, if you're having a country-themed wedding, then implement small country-inspired props for your photo booth! 

You can even create a large cardboard frame that your guests can hold up with your new last name and the date of your big day!

9. Feel Like Getting Wet?

If you live in a rainy city or town, don't let that worry you! Embracing the wet weather can make for some of the most truly beautiful wedding photos

Pack those umbrellas in and go dance together in the rain. 

Your images will be truly unique and most definitely memorable. 

10. Include Absolutely Everyone 

Before you freak out, it's easier said than done! How many people can remember every, single person who was at their wedding 30, 40 or even 50 years from now? 

A pretty unique idea is to have a welcome photo taken with each of your guests. Yes, it's a bit out of the ordinary, but it could make for a great wedding photoshoot idea! 

The lovely couple could meet and greet guests as they come out of the chapel, and at each greeting, a snap could be taken. Memories of every guest that was there will be in your album. 

What You Want Is What You Want 

When you're going through your wedding photoshoot ideas, don't let anybody try to sway you. You're going to have people who tell you that your ideas are too crazy, that you should stick to the traditional things. 

The fact is, your wedding is your special day, so long as what you've done represents you and your partner, that is all that matters. 

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