10 Creative Photoshoot Ideas for Your Rustic Barn Wedding in IL

Choosing a wedding venue is about more than the perfect place to host your wedding. It is also about having the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. We rarely if ever see people posting pics at the courthouse unless it's a ceremony at the famed San Francisco City Hall.Your wedding ceremony will last for a few hours but the photographs and video will last a lifetime. A great backdrop is why so many couples are choosing to host a rustic barn wedding to exchange their vows.Not only are these locations beautiful but they also add a simplistic elegance.Are you planning to get married soon and looking for barn wedding ideas? Keep reading for 10 creative photoshoot ideas every wedding photographer should include.

1. The Rustic Barn Wedding Reception

Whether your wedding reception is indoors or outdoors, barn wedding decorations are simply majestic. You can't really have a barn wedding with strings and strings of lights accompanied by beautiful floral arrangements.The wooden furnishings serve to accentuate the nature as the backdrop.One beautiful shot that comes out of all rustic barn weddings is the long tables that seat 20 plus guests. Every photographer needs to get shots of the reception before people enter the area.

2. Barn Loft Window

If the barn has a loft with large swingout doors, the bride and groom can go upstairs while the photographer takes photos from outside. An awesome picture to capture is of the bride looking out over the estate in search of the groom.For the groom, he could pose against the door jam. The couple can also get shots sitting with the legs handing over the opening.

3. Barn Stairs

A stairwell leading to a second level sets the stage for the wedding cake display. Decorate the railing with the wedding-themed floral design. You can set the cake on a wooden table in front of the stairs or against the wall and underneath the stairwell.Use branded empty wood wine or liquor crates to create a display for dessert plates and champagne glasses for the cake-cutting ceremony.

4. Barn Doors

In front of the barn doors leading into your rustic barm wedding venue is where you want to take your wedding party photos. Alternate between an open door and closed-door shots.Another beautiful photo of the bride includes an interior shot of her opening the barn doors and allowing a few rays of sunshine to filter in. This shot can be taken as she is preparing a ceremony that is being held outdoors.

5. Fence and Fence Posts

In case you want to be creative with your wedding party photos, utilizing fencing in your barn wedding ideas is cute. The groomsmen can sit atop the fencing in crazy positions, with the bridesmaids posing in front of them.Make it a real shotgun wedding by using fake shotguns and pistols as props.In another pose, let the bride and groom pose with their family members neat the fence posts of gates. This is a time to use your imagination.

6. Lakeside

Will your rustic barn wedding location have a lake on the property? Imagine a beautiful sunset with you and the groom looking out over the horizon. Or maybe you want to use this moment to toast to your new beginnings.A lake with a dock can also serve as the backdrop for your bouquet toss.Every wedding reception comes to a close with the bride and groom making their escape. Instead of a limousine, you can float off into the sunset, or pretend to, in a rowboat.

7. Water Well

Old wells are sometimes a fixture on the property that has been converted into a barn wedding venue. If management will allow it, you can cover the opening and use it as a set-up for the wedding cake display.  Or perhaps the spot can be used to hold the wedding gifts.No matter the use, old wells add to the ambiance of the venue and will provide beautiful imagery for your wedding photos.

8. The Drive

Does your wedding venue have an old dirt road that leads up to the barn house? Let your imagination run wild...literally. Everyone take off your shoes and do a running leap with the barn in the background.Use the road as the entry point for the wedding party at an outdoor ceremony.Photos of the bride and groom walking away from the reception at the end of festivities is another nice image to capture.

9. A Swing

Some barn wedding venues are surrounded by large trees that have been a fixture on the property for centuries. They add elegance and charm to the grounds. It is so nice to come across an old oak tree with a wooden swing.The bride, flower girls, and ring bearers can use the swing as a prop for their photos. It is also a nice place to capture the bride and her mother having a private moment.

10. Bales of Hay

Can you have a rustic barn wedding with bales of hay somewhere in the photos? Take the wedding party back up to the loft and position the bales of hay at staggering levels. Let the bridal party do their thing in established and freestyle poses.

Things to Consider

Not every wedding venue can accommodate these photoshoot ideas. it is important during your venue tour to ask questions about photo ideas. Some areas of the property may have restricted access.In most instances, the venue staff will do everything in their power to ensure you have the perfect experience, including encapsulating the moment in photos.

Do These Ideas Have You Inspired?

Picture time can be a drag when all you want to do is celebrate your marriage with family and friends. With a rustic barn wedding, the photoshoot will be exciting.Did you enjoy these photoshoot ideas? Now it's time to start planning your special day. Click here to contact us for a private viewing of the Hayloft Barn.

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