10 Country Wedding Ideas For the Cowgirl In You

If you've been dreaming of a country wedding to channel your inner farm girl on your big day, you must have a clear plan. We got you covered with these fantastic country wedding ideas that will keep you on track. So fire up that Pinterest board and get planning. 

What Are Country Wedding Ideas?

A country wedding means a style that blends vintage elegance with county casual while working in notes of the outdoors. So think lace, burlap, cowboy boots, freshly baked homemade pies, mason jars, hay bales, and burlap. A country wedding is usually held in a venue like a backyard, barn, park, cabin or farmhouse setting. 

Here are ten country wedding ideas. 

1. The Decor: Burlap, Mason Jars & Raffia

The three main design elements for a country wedding are burlap, mason jars, and raffia. Which is great because these three main decor elements are incredibly cheap. With these three elements and a little DIY knowledge, you can pull together a breathtaking country wedding on a budget. 


You can buy burlap in bulk and use this fabric for table toppers, chair sashes, and or table runners. Keep in mind burlap does unravel, so you might want to cut the edges and glue it with craft glue. Or for a more rustic look, let the burlap fringe. 

You can also use burlap signs to direct your guests around the venue to the reception and cocktail hour. Nothing says "country" more than a burlap sign.

Mason Jars 

There are so much versatility and value in the lowly Mason jar. You can use these jars for flower vases to hold candles, pew makers, drink glasses, and or wedding favors. These glass jars are about a dollar a pop, so there's nothing better. 


When you pair raffia with the right pieces, you get an instant rustic and casual feel that's less expensive than a traditional ribbon. Use this ribbon to tie-up bridesmaid's bouquets, put on fence posts, shepherd's hooks, and on mason jars. The best part is a little bit of raffia goes a long way. 

2. Wood-Themed Wedding Invitations

You can keep your invites super simple by using wood paper, which can also be used to table signs with western-themed numbers. You'll want your save the dates and invites to incorporate wood, delicate calligraphy, and or watercolor to give the card a rustic feel. 

Also, make sure you note the attire on your invite, especially if your venue is an actual barn with mud everywhere. You don't want your guests ruining their shoes and formal attire in these conditions. 

3. Light Up The Barn 

Speaking of barns, if that's your venue, keep in mind these structures aren't the best lit. Unless the barn you're renting is specifically used for wedding venues, then the lighting should be figured out, and you won't have to worry.  

Either way, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on lighting up a barn. Get a ton of holiday lights, and ask your friends and family members to donate some to cut more costs. Don't invest in LED lights, which are more expensive. Your holiday lights will do the job.

Know if there's no electricity in the barn, you may have to rent a generator and some extension chords. You'll also want to look into rope lighting with icicle lights and or 300 mini-light strands. You can also use paper lanterns that look stunning in a barn.

You'll want to follow the architectural features of the barn when you use your lights to light windows, doors, rafters, and lead up to the roof if that's possible. You will want to be careful with any candles, while candlelight is beautiful, barns are really flammable. So you might want to get electric candles instead. 

4. Paper Bag Wedding Favors 

Usually, wedding favors are a budget buster. But with a country wedding, there are clever ways to do favors on a budget. Is there a food item your hometowns are famous for, like Georgia peaches, Washington Apples, or Wisconsin cheese? 

Use a small brown paper bag, stencil or stamp your new initials, and let your guests help themselves to some fresh produce as a wedding favor. If you're a foodie, you could also do something like local homemade jam, jelly, or cocoa mixes in mason jars.

5. Casual Wedding Attire: Flannel, Braid & Boots

Since your wedding is casual, you can have less formal attire. This means less money spent on clothes for your wedding party and guests.  You can have bridesmaids in short neutral dresses, and groomsmen in khaki suits with bolo ties for a more western look. 

You'll want to be careful with your gown and may even want to go with a shorter dress. A longer dress will get dragged around on the dirty ground or get snagged on nails on the wooden floors. 

Monograms & Flannels

Monogrammed flannels make a great alternative to the traditional bridesmaid robes. This is a great way to celebrate as you primp. Your friends and family will love this thoughtful gift they can wear for years to come. 

Braided Hair

Braids go beautifully with this theme. Choose from a braided half updo or waterfall braid. Add some blooms in the braids like some baby's breath for a rustic but elegant touch. 

Cowboy Boots

Your wedding attire has no rules, so encourage guests to kick it up with dresses and suits paired with cowboy boots. Or have your bridal party wear all cowboy boots for a truly country ensemble. 

6. Wild Flowers

Use whimsical and bright wildflowers to really capture this theme. Put these flowers on lapels, in your hair, d the hair of your bridesmaids, in bouquets and or the centerpieces of tables. Try a mix of hypericum berries, and Craspedia in your wildflowers.

7. Barnyard Bar

Keep even your bar on theme with a barnyard bar decked out with chalkboard menus, painted signs, and string lights. Serve up your signature drinks in mason jars for a classic country vibe. 


8. Pies

Nothing is more country than homemade pie. So instead of the expensive traditional wedding cake tower, treat your guests to an assortment of homemade pies.

9. Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Another way to save on decor with lighting is to make a wagon wheel chandelier. Simply string mason jars to an antique wagon wheel and you have a chandelier to light up your barn. 

10. Hay Bale Seating

Save on seating by using the hay that's already at your venue. Simply cover hay barrels with cozy pillows, blankets and a few yards of lace for country chic seating. You can use this seating for your reception and ceremony. 

Plan Your Country Wedding Today 

Now that you have these country wedding ideas, it's time to start planning. Pick and choose which of these ideas work for your wedding plan, and soon you'll have your dream country chic wedding. If you're looking for a rural wedding venue in the Milwaukee Racine County and northern Illinois area, contact us today!

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