• Security Deposit
    • ​For all events, large or small, a security deposit is due upon signing of the Contract that is put towards the cost of your rental. 

    • A discretionary deposit will be applied to the final cost of the rental but will be returned after your event goes off without a hitch. This will be laid out in your Contract and explained by management. 

  • Hidden Costs
    • ​We are proud to say that we have no hidden costs and do not "nickle and dime" you for our services. Your rental fee has all taxes included in it. Your discretionary deposit is laid out in you payment plan. The only "unknown" cost would be your bar bill. We can estimate how much you will spend at the bar and even put a limit on the bar bill to keep you within budget.​​ The bar bill will be paid the night of your event with 20% gratuity added onto the final total. Again, taxes are included in our drink prices. 

  • Payment Plans
    • ​When booking an event, at the time the contract is signed a payment plan will be laid out for you. You will make 4 payments: the day of contract signing, 6 months prior to your event, 90 days prior, and 30 days prior. 

  • Rental Periods Available
    • We are open for events during the week, however times may vary depending on event schedule of events already booked. Check with Event Coordinator for dates and times available or take a look at our Calendar.

    • Events held on Saturday, can begin at 9am and events must end at 12am Sun.

    • Events held on Friday can begin at 9am and must end at 11pm.

    • Events held on Sunday may begin at 11am and must end by 11pm.

  • Events other than Weddings
    • For all events other than weddings, this can include birthdays, family reunions, class reunions, anniversaries, benefits, etc. will be charged an Hourly rate for rental. Different options are available for time periods. Times and cost will be discussed with management and a contract drawn up.  

  • Indoor Bathrooms/ Handicap Accessible
    • The Hay Loft offers wheelchair accessible bathrooms inside the Barn. These bathrooms are available on the lower level of the Barn. There are not bathrooms on the upper level of the Barn. The entire Hay Loft property is ADA accessible. 

We realize you may have more questions to ask, management is always available via email or phone call to chat about any concerns. We pride ourselves on being as efficient as possible and making your
Event as important to us as it is to you. 
Don't hesitate to ask Questions!

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