The Hay Loft


Meet the Otterstatters!

Tim & Joyce

1985, the couple became a family and started their life adventure, first in sales and business, then in family. Ben, their first born, came along and soon after their daughter Marissa. The kids grew up fast and Tim and Joyce continued to grow and succeed. Tim became the owner of a successful equipment sales company. Joyce gained her Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Leadership while working hard at her current position at the local college. With the ultimate combination of Tim's sales experience and Joyce's business management knowledge, they have taken on one business venture after the other; growing their own entrepreneurship. Wanting to have their children succeed in the same means led them to invest in The Hay Loft.

Ben & Marissa

Ben graduated from UW-Whitewater in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He started his career with Tim managing the Sales office. As the business grew, Ben took on more responsibilities as he learned the business with his dad. Marissa worked in the Service industry, gaining experience in event management, all while attending college at UW-Milwaukee. After earning her Bachelor's degree in BioMedical Science and Health Care Administration in 2014, she continued in the event coordinating business. With Ben's education and Marissa's experience in the industry, the Hay Loft was born.

The Otterstatter's

The Otterstatter's are a close-knit, hard-working family with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each of them brings a unique piece of talent and perspective to the Event business, creating a quickly growing success. You can see the endless effort and passion they have for their business through the excellent services they offer and quality of the establishment. Being family owned and operated makes The Hay Loft a unique experience that embraces the feeling of home and family.