How We 

     Manage Your Event

The Hay Loft Family and management team, has the eye for excellence. With detail oriented minds and attitudes they are your own personal planners. They are extremely talented when it comes to seeing a vision and executing it.

The Hay Loft offers so many opportunities for large or small events, it's staff is the one to help you achieve your dream and vision from small details to large accommodations.

Being that the Hay Loft is family owned and operated, not only will you get a management team member at every meeting but you will get the backing of the entire family for support to make your celebration vision a reality. 



The Hay Loft gambrel


   The Hay Loft

The Hay Loft began as a family adventure built on passion, hard work and integrity. With Wisconsin in their blood, this local family took on this adventure as a way to offer elegance and legacy to people looking for more than just an “event venue.”

The gorgeous warm, wooden interior whispers romance and resilience with every square inch. You cannot help but be moved by the allure of a hand-cut stone exterior and the breathtaking vaulted ceiling.


One look and you will be just as captivated as you are by the love of your life.

Built with no expense spared in the early 1900’s, it is one of the largest free-standing barns in Wisconsin.

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"We’re the experience you’re going to dream about for the rest of your life."